Seriously, we're not your average copier company.

Different is Good!

There's a dirty little secret in the copier industry. National copier companies get rich upselling you with super-complicated contracts, shortchanging you on service, and assuming you wont notice when the terms of your contract start charging you more mid-way through your lease. Our competitors do it for three reasons: to increase profits, to cover extra service costs related to their inferior and aging machines, and finally to create confusion around whether or not they're actually saving you money.

Wait, they do that?! Yeah, they do.

USA Copiers is Different

We want you to stick with us because you're happy. Because your machine needs less service. Because when it does, we service it faster. Because we're more affordable than the alternative. But never, ever because you signed a contract once and forgot about it.


Unlike other copier companies your service rates are locked and will never auto increase each year.


Other copier companies will entice you to bundle a minimum number of clicks and call them free or included. They are not free and the advantage goes to the copier company


Some copier companies will bill you for two “clicks” for 11x17 prints. We don’t.


9 out of 10 new customers come to USA Copiers because of a bad service experience with their current vendor. It is systemic of the copier world and we are raising the bar by providing a 1-HOUR service response time!


Only one of its kind! For the entire term of your service agreement: A free loaner if your machine takes more than a day to repair and a free replacement machine if we can’t fix yours at our office within a week. No begging and pleading needed.


Place a service call, tech comes out and half the time they don’t have the right part. Sound familiar? The average copier company has a 58% first visit fix rate. It’s not magic but it’s close! Ask your sales rep how we crush our competitors on this important metric.


Great prices on new Xerox machines and even better prices on our Certified Better Than New machines. i.e. Late model demo and repo Xerox machines with less than two months of usage on them.


We only sell one brand for three reasons: #1 Our technicians become experts on the brand, #2 our sales reps become professional consultants and #3 Xerox machines are built better than any other brand and only need 1/3 the amount of servicing than any other copier.


Stuck in a seemingly inescapable lease with your current vendor? USA Copiers has the STRONGEST lease rescue program in the business. We can help you when no one else can.

Our Pricing is Different:

We get it. You probably dont care all that much if your company pays less to print, copy, or lease a Xerox machine. You know who does? Your boss. Turns out saving the company thousands through a better copier contract is your ticket to promotion-ville. Plot twist!

  • We’ll give you the deal you didn’t know you needed. We offer the best lease rates on the planet on amazing machines. No one beats our prices. No one.
  • Your contract with us will be simple and straightforward. It wont change midway through and it wont sneak in annoying upsells like extra monthly copy limits or charges for things like shipping costs for supplies. Promise.
  • Stuck in a contract with your current copy company?Yeah, we can help with that. We have lease relief programs that no other copier company can offer. Ask us for some references –weve dug a lot of businesses out of some nasty copier contracts!

Our Copy Machines are Different:

We only sell Xerox brand copy machines because we know theyre the best products on the market. Period. Research has shown that they require 1/3 less service request than any other brand. Because our technicians do not have to be cross trained on three, four, or five different brands, theyre better and more efficient at what they do.

  • We sell both new and certified better-than-new Xerox copy machines.Weve got the best prices on new machines and even better prices on Certified Better-Than-New!
  • Certified Better-Than-New is, well, better than new. Our certified better-than-new machines are current year models that have an average of less than two months usage on them. At 30-40% off new prices, our Certified Better-Than-New program is one the best deals in the copier industry.

Our Service is Different:

Look, other copier companies will sell you on super-fast response times which sounds good in theory, but what good is a fast response if youve got to wait two more days for parts? a fix? Not only does USA Copiers actually fix your machine faster, our superior machines mean youre going to need less service overall.

  • Our first-visit fix rate is 92%. Compare that to the other guys who have an average first-time fix rate of 68%. Jam in the document feeder? We dont fix the document feeder, we replace it right then and there. Thats the secret! How many more days of your life do you really want to spend listening your coworkers grumble about the broken copier?
  • The other guys average ONE technician for every 300 copier machines. Us? Weve got TWO technicians for every 200 copy copier machines nationally and our techs are paid 20% higher salaries then the average tech. In addition, our techs are paid bonuses for uptime metrics.
  • We offer a Ludicrous Service Guarantee. If your machine is down for more than a day, we give you a loaner and fix your machine in our facility, not at your office. If we cant fix your machine within a week, we replace it at no cost to you with the same or better model. (Link to download our Ludicrous Service Guarantee Certificate pdf here). No other copier company offers this kind of guarantee.

USA Copiers is a champion for the little guys! But also the big guys! And the medium guys, too! Anyone whos paying too much for inferior copying services, really.

We work with small businesses, big national companies, and everyone in between. Whether you need one copier or a thousand, weve got you covered. Call us today to end the cycle of painful copying experiences.

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